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Question / Comment - Who is behind the JPN website?
I have searched your site but cannot find anything about the authors of the studies or who is behind the Jesus Plus Nothing site. This is kind of strange. Can you please tell me a little about yourself and the site.

Robert ......
(see I always say who I am)

Hi and thanks for the email,

I don't like to put my name on the site because the studies are spoken through me while I'm in a trance. Therefore it isn't right for me to claim credit for them.

Ok, bad joke because your 'see I always say who I am' made me laugh. Initially we didn't want the focus of the site to be about us so we didn't write anything about who we are. As the focus of the site is about Jesus, I just put I Gordon on the studies that I did, but that was all. But I understand now that people do want to know the beliefs and background of the people that they are reading and this is wise in today's age where deception and false teachers abound.

So, my name is Iain Gordon. I am on the leadership team of a small non-denominational church called 'Living Waters' in Tauranga, New Zealand. I maintain the site along with a friend Brett Wilton who also attends the same church. My brother, Fraser, also writes occasionally for the site. With a bit more arm twisting and some not so veiled threats, I may be able to get him to contribute more in the future. The audio sermons on the site are all from our home church and are spoken by different leaders and teachers within the church.

The site itself has been going since August 2001. Nearly all of the studies on the site have come from sermons or home group lessons that I have prepared since about 1995. For those interested, Nehemiah was the first study that I wrote up back in 1997. For that reason, and coupled with the circumstances that lead to it being developed, it has always been one of my favorites... which is why it is placed at the top of the study page.

Some also ask whether we believe in the trinity because of the title 'Jesus Plus Nothing'. Let me say as clearly as possible that we are not 'Jesus only' type believers and definitely believe in the trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The name 'Jesus Plus Nothing' was chosen to emphasize the pivotal, central role that the Lord Jesus has in our salvation, the scriptures, and in our Christian life.

We have also recently written a 'what we believe' page which may help you a little in determining whether we are worth listening to. If interested, click here.

All the best.