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Question / Comment - Can I use your studies?


thanks a lot for the studies on your site! I have really enjoyed reading them. I teach a weekly home group and would like permission to use your study on Ruth with the group. Is that ok? I'll tell them about the website. Is there a copyright or restriction on the use of the studies in general? Thanks.

JPN Reply (and this reply applies to anyone else who wants to use information on the website)


thanks for the question. You have one of three options really. Some are quite expensive unfortunately:

1. You pay me $10 per person, per month, per study on an ongoing basis. OR

2. You pay me a one off fee of $999 and have access to any study (and send presents at Christmas) OR

3. You use whatever study you want, when you want, in anyway you want, free of charge - just as long as they are used for the glory of God.

So three touch choices there. Possibly you may go for number 3 (although I am secretly hoping someone will take up number 2!)

In all seriousness, there isn't any restriction on the use of anything on the website and I don't need to be asked if you want to use something to teach others. Good on ya - go for it! There isn't any copyright. You don't have to say where you got them or draw attention to the website or anything like that. Just do what you do for God's glory.

It is encouraging obviously to hear how they are being used but they certainly weren't written to gain fame, money or whatever else sometimes motives the world. Far from it. So thanks for writing in and asking and hope your home group goes well.

May God Bless.