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Questions - Life and sayings of Jesus

Various questions based on the teachings and life of the Lord Jesus

What day of the week did Jesus die? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday?
When did Jesus ascend into Heaven?
What can we learn from the ascension of Jesus into heaven?
Why did Jesus say He came to bring a sword to the earth?
Why wasn't Jesus called Immanuel?
Why was John the Baptist the greatest?
Is the Kingdom likened to leaven good or bad?
What is the Narrow Gate?
Please explain the parable of the wedding feast
Questions - Jewish Objections to Jesus as Messiah

Various questions and objections that arose over a two year conversation with a Jewish man concerning Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ (the Messiah!)

Why do we need faith in Jesus when Abraham didn't?
How can Jesus be God? Only God is God!
Is Isaiah 53 about Israel or Jesus?
Is the Messiah said to be God?
Was Jesus A Human Sacrifice Hated By God?
Can We Approach God By Our Own Merit?
Are there prophecies in the O.T concerning the resurrection of the Messiah?
Is Isaiah 7:14 about Hezekiah or Jesus?
Questions - Book of Revelation

A few questions around the mark of the beast and the judgements of Revelation.

What is the chronology of Revelation? Do the seals trumpets and bowls overlap?
Can a believer accidently take the mark of the beast?
What do the colours of the horsemen in Revelation 6 symbolize?
Why don't churches teach on the book of Revelation?
Some general questions on the book of Revelation
Who are the Holy People of Revelation 7 and 13?
Questions - Bible Prophecy

Various questions around Bible prophecy including the coming Antichrist, the nature of Babylon, the day of the Lord and the coming rebuilt Jewish temple.

A different view of Daniel 2. Is it talking about a 'spiritual kingdom'?
When period does the 'day of the Lord' refer to?
Will there be a future Jewish temple?
Is The 'Futurist' Interpretation Of Prophecy Found In The Writings Of The Church Fathers?
Is the church the bride of Christ? Or New Jerusalem?
Is the time of Jacobs trouble past?
Is Jerusalem the Babylon that will be destroyed forever?
Do you think that the Antichrist will be Muslim?
Is Psalm 23 a Messianic Psalm?
Does the Antichrist site in a literal temple?
Questions - Rapture and tribulation

Question on the Pre-Tribulation rapture of the Church and various questions on the coming tribulation.

Is the pre-tribulation rapture true or false?
More questions regarding the pre-tribulation rapture...
Do you believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture?
Is the Great Tribulation the Wrath of God? Do you agree with the pre-wrath position?
Does the 'last trump' relate to the 7th trumpet in the book of Revelation?
Will unbelievers hear the rapture trumpet? new study
Questions - Nation of Israel

Is the nation of Israel today a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and if so, what should a believers attitude towards this nation be today?

Has the Nation Of Israel Been Rejected By God?
Should we protect the nation of Israel?
Are Christians the new 'spiritual Israel'?
Should a Christian with Jewish blood go live in Israel?
Are we 'Spiritual Israel' now? Does God have a future plan for the nation of Israel?
Should we support Israel?
Why do you, a Gentile, have a love for the Jews?
Questions - Eternal Security

Eternal security always bring up a lot of debate and questions. Can a believer lose their salvation? Or will Jesus keep them to the end? Various questions and debates on this topic : ) 

In what way were the false teachers 'bought' by Christ?
Are Christians 'broken off' and lost or are they eternally secure?
A debate on eternal security - Is Eternal Security true?
Is a Christian free to reject God?
We cannot be snatched out of God's hand but can we decide to leave?
Is Hebrews 6:4-6 about true christians?
What does it mean that branches in Christ are taken away?
Did the prodigal son lose his salvation?
Does a prodigal lose his salvation?
Is eternal security true? I'm scared that I have lost salvation!
Were they true Christians in Heb 10:26-29 as they were 'sanctified'?
Can we get kicked out of Heaven like Lucifer was?
Can a born again believer have their name erased from the book of life?
Questions - Christian Life

Quite a view questions around living the Christian life including Forgiveness, baptism, the sinful nature, spiritual gifts, faith sickness and prosperity. 

Does the Christian play an active or passive role in displaying Christ's character?
Are all believers disciples?
What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
Does each member of the bride have to make herself ready through righteous acts?
Is the Christian life easy or hard? Or... Does being a Christian make life easier or harder?
Why should our gospel be Christocentric?
When were the disciples born again?
Why can't I receive the Holy Spirit?
Has the sinful nature been totally eradicated within the believer? Or do we have one nature or two?
Will believers give an account for every careless word spoken?
Where is the sinful nature and what is the soul/heart?
Confusion over forgiveness
Can I be forgiven of things that couldn't be forgiven under the Old Testament law?
Is it God's will that we are always healed from any sickness?
Is tithing commanded for the churches today?
Should we be keeping the feasts of the Lord now?
Is it ever ok to lie?
What did Paul mean by saying he carried the marks of Jesus in his body?
Was Paul being 'legal' in Acts 16 and 21?
Was it a sin for David to have multiple wives?
Should we pray once in faith and believe we have it or pray repeatedly?
Does God want to financially prosper all Christians?
Was the Red Sea 'baptism' full immersion?
Repentance and confession for a Christian - one time or many?
Can a Christian commit a sin that leads to death?
How can I undo the sin unto death!
Spiritual Gifts And John 20:22
Has water baptism ceased? Did Spirit baptism replace water baptism?
Are believers now 'Israel' and commanded to keep the feasts?
Who do we pray to? Jesus or the Father?
Why Did God Give The Law?
Why Should We Try To Be Good?
Will God make a way for me?
Will God save my family?
What does it mean to worship in spirit and truth?
Questions - Salvation and heaven test

Questions surrounding the free gift of salvation as opposed to works. Also looks at 'The Heaven Test' and the place of the law in bringing conviction of sin.    

Do you think Ananias and Sapphira went to heaven?
How do I know I truly believe?
Unbelievers are spiritually 'dead' and cannot believe the gospel or make any moves towards God.
Is Faith enough? Are good deeds required for Heaven?
Should faith and works be separated in salvation?
Comments on 'The Heaven Test'
Is imputed righteousness a lie? Is it overcoming sin that saves us?
Is Salvation only in the Mass?
What did mean when He said 'It is Finished' in John 19:30?
Do Paul and James contradict each other about faith?
Can someone have their spirit saved but not their soul? Do you agree with a partial rapture?
Why do you not agree with Soul Salvation?
What if our works aren't enough? Will Jesus 'spit' us out of His mouth?
Debate/Discussion: Universal Salvation: True or False?
Is Water Baptism necessary for Salvation?
Questions - State of the dead

Questions surrounding 'soul sleep' and whether the believer goes to be with the Lord directly when they die (spoiler: they do!)

If the dead in Christ are with the Lord, how can they rise first?
Do Christians go straight to Heaven when they die?
Is soul sleep biblical? Do we go to Heaven when we die?
What about the Apocrypha book?
What about baptism for the dead?
General doubts about God's character, prophecy and the Bible.
Is someone born gay? Will it keep them out og Heaven?
Is having a Church name wrong? Is the New Covenant just for Israel?
Can I sell my daughter, stone my neighbours and other curly questions!
Why is there no study on Deborah in Judges?
Did Enoch die?
When did Satan fall? Where does evil come from and is there a future fall still to happen?
Should we participate in the feasts of Israel?
What do the numbers 12 and 7 signify in the feeding of the 5,000 and 4,000?
Should I bet the house on free will or election?
Did God curse Adam and Eve? Was there a curse on all creation?
What did Joseph mean by saying that 'God will come to your aid'? Is it a type or prophetic?
Should women be head Pastor of a church?
Meaning of Proverbs 25:22
Is Paul's writing about women in 1 Tim 2 gender discrimination?
Is Joseph Smith is Messiah Ben Joseph?
Maybe not Messiah Ben Joseph, but Joseph Smith is a Prophet! Or is He?
What do you think of the Messianic Movement?
Need the source of some name meanings
Thoughts on the resurrection and Jesus as our High Priest
Seventh Day Adventism and the Sabbath
Zeitgeist, Zodiac mumbo jumbo proves Christianity a fraud?
Questions - Trinity

Various questions on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Does Jesus have a God?
How many Sons of God were there?
If Jesus submits to the Father, is He less than God?
Question on the trinity
Questions - JPN Site

Questions around the JPN website - what do you believe? Can I use your materials? Who are you? Just things like that. 

Can I contribute to your site?
How did you come to do what you do? And how do I know what my gift and skill is?
What are the influences in your Bible study style?
Is copying your work plagiarism?
Any advice on preparing a lesson?
Can I use your studies?
Who is behind the JPN website?