Are we truly living in the last days? How close are we?

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Question / Comment - Are we truly living in the last days? How close are we?

Hello sir, just wanna ask you, are we really living in the last days? I read somewhere that the UN wants to form a global government by 2030. We also see the development in the Middle East concerning Israel and other Arab nations. Can you please give your thoughts? How close are we?


JPN Reply:


yes, I truly believe we really are living in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ. Let me state clearly that no one knows the exact day of Jesus' return so I will not be saying when that is... because I obviously do not know! But we are told to know and understand the season / signs of the end and the Bible lists many signs to look for. Number one on this list is the regathering and formation of Israel as a nation again. That occurred in 1948 and that alone tells us that we are near the end. 

But we could also look at the birth pains and natural disasters such as weather disturbances, rise in earthquakes etc. Or the increase in lawlessness and general attitudes of society at large (Matt 24:7-8, 2 Tim 3:1-4 - Note that the conditions listed here are said to occur in the 'last days'. Do we see them today? Sure do!) What we see all lines up with prophecy of the last days. I have a list of the top 10 signs for Israel and the end of the age on this page which you might like to view:

Jesus and Bible Prophecy - Top 10 prophecies for Jesus, Israel and the end of the age

But even just limiting ourselves to recent developments in the Middle East and the UN, the events are quite telling!

For example, a well known prophecy that Ezekiel gave in chapters 38 and 39 involves the Gog/Magog war. Note the following:

  • The placement of this prophecy (chapters 38 & 39) come straight after the prophecies of the the Jews being regathered back into their land (Ezek 36:24,28) where the land will produce in abundance once again (Ezek 36:30). That has already happened with the once barren dessert of Israel now becoming the green fertile abundant producer we see today. 
  • It also says the people of Israel will think that all hope is gone and that they will perish (Ezek 37:11 - ie the holocaust) but because of God's intervention, they will become an exceedingly great army (Ezek 37:10). that again has all happened. From starting with nothing, not even enough to defend themselves, Israel has fought and won several wars when attacked by their Arab neighbors and now boasts once of the finest armies in the world. All of this has come to pass. 
  • So now look at Ezek 38 & 39. The Bible specifically says this prophecy occurs in the 'latter years' or the last days in language we more typically use today. (Ezek 38:8)
  • It comes at a time when Israel is dwelling safely and securely. (Ezek 38:11). Israel is there today and it is only increasing with the current Abraham Accords peace agreements which more nations are currently looking at joining. 
  • The reason for the war is for the spoils of war - Again, we currently see that Israel has discovered two massive gas fields in 'Leviathan' and 'Tamar' and are exporting gas to neighboring countries as well as building a pipeline to export gas to Europe. This will have massive implications for Russia and their gas exports to Europe! (For example see
  • So who does Ezekiel 38 say will come against Israel in the last days? The main players are Russia, Turkey & Iran joined with other nations from the south such as Libya and Sudan. Russia, Turkey and Iran are ALL in Syria and the Middle East today and often work together. Iran and Turkey currently hate Israel and it is not hard to see Russia going after the spoils of war if the Israeli gas pipe to Europe harms their financial interests in this area. (See Ezekiel 38 - The Gog and Magog War)
  • Who does Ezekiel 38 say will protest this war? - Sheba and Dedan (Ezek 38:13) which is Saudi Arabia. A few years ago this would have been unheard of. Today it is a reality. Things are changing and increasingly aligning with this prophecy. There is increasingly improved relations between Israel and the Saudis and at the time of writing it has been said that the Saudi's will sign the Abraham Accords to formerly have peace and trade with Israel. They are currently waiting for the result of the US election.  

All of this points to one thing - We are in the last days leading to the return of Jesus Christ. This prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 is more up to date that your newspaper or the internet! 

And yes, at the same time we see strange things happening with the coronavirus lockdowns where it seems that there is an intentional destruction of small business and the current financial system and the openly acknowledged 'great reset' put forth as a plan by the World Economic Forum (a partner of the United Nations). You can see their 'predictions' for 2030 here (WEF - You will own nothing in 10 years) which include the ominous 1st prediction that by 2030 'you will own nothing and be happy!' The rise and promotion of socialism/communism, globalism, along with totalitarian measures that have seen many freedoms squashed in the Western world under the guise of this 'pandemic' all make for crazy times and things to watch! The push for a possible mandatory vaccine (with possible tracking technology), while not the mark of the beast yet, at least points the way to what will happen in the future where people will not be able to buy and sell without a mandatory mark. Things are rapidly changing in this world and they won't go back to how they were. 

So how close are we? Jesus could come tonight! While there are many signs and prophecies that are and will be fulfilled in these days, there ARE NONE THAT HAVE TO BE FULFILLED BEFORE Jesus can come for His church.   

So yes, we are close. Very close. We know not when but we watch, warn and stay alert just as Jesus said. As Jan Markell often says 'Things aren't falling apart. They are falling into place'.

May God Bless.