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Readers Question / Comment - Why is there no study on Deborah in Judges?

I was led to your site from an engine search on lsrael under the judges--lessons to be learned. I found a good bit of info and some interesting correlations in your articles; however, there was a glaring absence that serves your readers poorly and is a great oversight on your part. Deborah. Where is she in your theology? I didn't see her name mentioned anywhere in these articles. Is it possible that this great woman of God is too much for you simply because she is a woman? I certainly hope not, for women are some of the Lord's favorite people and, significantly, the first people that the Lord showed Himself to after His resurrection were all women. In addition, it appears that the only person who saw Him prior to His ascension to the Father was a woman - Mary. I find it extremely odd that after your lengthy study and expositions on the lessons to be learned from the judges who delivered Israel, you have nothing to say about this extremely important female judge.

JPN Reply:

Hi Kevin,

argh, you have found me out... I'm a closet sexist! : )

Naaa, no need to be so quick to jump to conclusions. I have as much against Deborah as I do Abimelech in chapter 9 or the rebellion in chapter 10 or Judge Jephthah in chapters 11 & 12 or any person or event in chapters 17-21 or anything else in Judges I haven't written about... and that of course is nothing. I didn't write a verse by verse, chapter by chapter study on the book of Judges. I just wrote some studies where I could see a clear spiritual application for today, generally in the theme of spiritual warfare.

Simply put, the story of Deborah is a good one but when I wrote these studies (over 10 years ago) I didn't see a clear spiritual application for today that I could write a whole study on. I'm sure there is one. If you have insight into her story for believers today I'm all ears - send it through : ) Again, there will be an important theme there. But I didn't see it.

All the best.

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