Is the Covid vaccine the Mark of the Beast?

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Question / Comment -  Is the Covid vaccine/test the Mark of the Beast?

you are wrong that believers can't accidently/unknowingly take the mark...1st, I have Asperger's & as such, I have many side effects, but I'll mention the religious ones as they relate to this.

I can't recognize/feel/hear god's presence, voice or warning signs (I never have)...
I can only understand the literal parts of the bible (& not even all of that), as things like symbolism, imagery, codes, #'s, etc just don't make sense...
I don't even know when I'm sinning, unless it's listed (written), so I'm just 1 step above the mentally challenged as my limitations make me like a 14-15 yr old, or a teen, not a full fledged adult...
I can also only concentrate, focus on getting thru each day, so I really don't have the mind 2 research any future events...

Anyway, I unknowingly took the mark thru the rna dna pcr test 4 hospital admittance 4 an inner bleed...I don't want 2 get into the specifics of the test, but just know that I'd decided b4 hand 2 not have that or the covid vax only cuz I didn't see why a healthy person would need 2 take it. But I had inner bleeding (major) & since I wasn't aware of it being the mark afterwards, I took stated above.

I'm a believer in God & Jesus Christ. .so, my question is, can I still be saved from taking the mark due 2 my limitations???


JPN Reply:


thanks for the email. It is great to read that you are a believer. As you have expressed, you may have some restrictions with your body and mind but never forget that God has made salvation simple so that even a child can come to Him, in faith, and find Him and salvation! He understands you, knowing what you can and cannot understand and He looks at your heart. Your faith pleases Him (Heb 11:6) So may God bless you. The day is coming when all the current health problems and restrictions that we have in this body will be no more. Jesus has gone to prepare a place (a heavenly home) for us and on that day all believers will come into perfect liberty! That is something we all can long for and look forward to! 

Concerning your question about the mark, let me as clear as I can concerning this. You have NOT taken the mark! The mark is not here yet. I do not want you to be in fear for something that you have NOT done. Neither the Covid test nor the vaccine itself are the mark. Taking a test or the vaccine itself are not the same as taking the Mark of the Beast. The mark is, according to scripture in Revelation 13, on the right hand or forehead. This is not symbolic. It is literal. It will be on the right hand or forehead. It is also not related to ones health like the vaccine is but about pledging allegiance to a coming ruler - the antichrist. The Mark of the Beast requires the Beast (Antichrist) to be ruling on the earth at that time. We do not see this yet. The other thing to note is that the mark is either the Antichrist's name or his number (Rev 13:17). The Covid test and vaccine are neither of those. Also without this mark you can't buy and sell which is not the case with the Covid test/vaccine (although, having said that, their are similarities with how some places are dividing people into vaccinated / not vaccinated groups and the restrictions they are starting to apply).  When the day finally comes when the mark is around, it will be completely clear what taking the mark actually means. In that day even an angel in Heaven is said to speak clearly about what taking the mark means (Rev 14:9-10) giving a VERY clear warning that it will lead to God's wrath and judgment - But no one will take the mark 'accidently' or be tricked, not understanding what it means. 

So I write this to reassure you.  You have not taken the mark. I do not believe that the Church will even be here to see that day. Our hope is in the Lord's return to rescue us from the coming wrath (1 Thes 1:10) 

I do believe that the restrictions, lock-downs and conditioning around Covid and the vaccine are preparing people for the same mindset that will ramp up at the time of the Mark of the Beast... so in that sense we are getting a small foretaste of that day. We see Governments and state leaders becoming extremely authoritarian and power hungry. The liberties that we had are being removed. Things are changing quickly and no nation remains untouched. This is a global move and we know that one day there will be a world leader that will demand universal worship. In that day all personal liberty and freedom will be gone. But we are not there yet... so do not fear that you have taken the mark of the Beast. You haven't.

Hope this help. God knows you and loves you Erika. He will look after you and keep you.

May God Bless!