Why don't churches teach on the book of Revelation?

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Readers Question / Comment - Why don't churches teach on the book of Revelation?

I first want to say I am new to your site. So far what I've read in your replies to others questions that I've had in my past are similar to what I would reply. I've done a lot of studying on my own on many different subjects.

I've noticed most churches have stopped teaching on the book of Revelations... Do you know why that is?

JPN Reply:


thanks for the email and the questions. Why have most churches stopped teaching on the book of Revelation?

I think this is a very valid observation unfortunately. The sad thing is that it is the only book that has a special blessing for those that do read and heed it! I'd say there are a few reasons why it is read less these days:

1. Some Churches see it as controversial and don't want to ruffle feathers so stay away.
2. The many ideas out there on how people interpret the symbolism in Revelation leads some Pastors to just stay away, putting it in the too hard basket.
3. The book of Revelation, to be taught accurately, requires a good understanding of the whole Bible (especially the Old Testament) and some don't want to put the effort in to understand what it is saying.
4. A theme of Revelation, that God will soon punish the world and sin, doesn't sound all the 'positive' to some Churches who prefer to focus on 'nicer' thoughts as they establish their own little kingdoms on earth. : )
5. Some of the 'absolute statements' over the years from those that are completely sure exactly when Jesus is returning has led to prophecy and end times in general being laughed at in some circles and so some Pastors just stay clear of it.
6. Back in the 70's with the 'Jesus People' revival, end times played a great part and people longed for, and spoke of, Jesus' return. I guess with all the excitement that it was going to happen soon, and then it didn't, maybe people started to lose heart and tired in their waiting and longing. So they started focusing on no 7...
7. The church in the west, in general, is more focused on having your best life here and now... as if this place is where our hope is. It's not. But, as Bible prophecy indicates, the last church leading up to the return of Jesus is of the Laodicean spirit... which is basically worldly. Happy and more than content with this world. So why long for the life to come?

Now all of these reasons are wrong of course. Personally, I love Revelation, Bible prophecy and always have. And any true Christian should be excited about the return of Jesus Christ because it is, as scripture says, OUR BLESSED HOPE!

May God bless!